Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Wenger's Last Laugh

With so many happy that Wenger finally left Arsenal, they are also happy that one of his last acts was offloading Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United, and Wenger is still having his laugh about it as well. Many would have thought that Jose Mourinho would have pushed harder to land Ozil having spent time together at Real Madrid rather than signing Sanchez being that they were both out of contract come the summer.

Since joining United, Sanchez hasn't contributed much. In all competitions, he has scored a total of 4 goals, FOUR!!!!! He has one of the highest salaries, is performing like a reserve, and complains like no other. Honestly, if United really wants a player like that, they should just sign an academy player do that exact job for 60k a year. 

When Sanchez first got to United, he showed some spark that many thought was missing, but where did it all go? After 2 months, it seemed like he was lost in the park, not scoring and pointing fingers for losing the ball and not tracking back, as if it was everyone else's role. While he's not solely to blame, Mourinho takes part of it, he needs to take responsibility and show why he earns that salary. 

The absolute best thing United could do at this point is stop holding on for hopes and sell Sanchez in January. United need to use that salary space to invest in some players that are hungry for silverware, that will show some heart and play through some discomfort as Lindelof did over the weekend and bring back that fear of coming to Old Trafford.

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