Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Liverpool's Hope

City dealt Liverpool a massive blow in the title race and ended their hopes of topping Arsenal's Invincibles. No one can question the quality of Liverpool this season, but the main quality added to the team that appears to be the difference is the new man between the sticks, Alisson, as well as the Netherlands international, Van Dijk. Without these two in the picture, the back would be in complete shambles as was evident in previous seasons. 

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Kop supporters wanted to have their go at United after Solskjaer was brought in to finish out the season. The obvious hate for each other will always be there as they went straight away to, "so what, you've beat Cardiff 5-1". Have a look back to 27 October, Liverpool were screaming about as if they just won the league after beating Cardiff 4-1. Short memory that. 

Don't get me wrong, they finally have plenty to celebrate from their last good showing in 2005, but don't count your chickens til they hatch. 

Liverpool is away to Brighton on Saturday and the question is, will the loss to City in the league and the loss to Wolves in the cup prove to be the mid season slump that allows the title race be brought down to one game, or will those light the fire to see Liverpool punish Brighton? 

If Mo Salah can seem to get back to thinking about his finishing instead of falling at the touch of sun dress, he will be a bigger threat and Liverpool should come out on top. 

Have your say. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Wenger's Last Laugh

With so many happy that Wenger finally left Arsenal, they are also happy that one of his last acts was offloading Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United, and Wenger is still having his laugh about it as well. Many would have thought that Jose Mourinho would have pushed harder to land Ozil having spent time together at Real Madrid rather than signing Sanchez being that they were both out of contract come the summer.

Since joining United, Sanchez hasn't contributed much. In all competitions, he has scored a total of 4 goals, FOUR!!!!! He has one of the highest salaries, is performing like a reserve, and complains like no other. Honestly, if United really wants a player like that, they should just sign an academy player do that exact job for 60k a year. 

When Sanchez first got to United, he showed some spark that many thought was missing, but where did it all go? After 2 months, it seemed like he was lost in the park, not scoring and pointing fingers for losing the ball and not tracking back, as if it was everyone else's role. While he's not solely to blame, Mourinho takes part of it, he needs to take responsibility and show why he earns that salary. 

The absolute best thing United could do at this point is stop holding on for hopes and sell Sanchez in January. United need to use that salary space to invest in some players that are hungry for silverware, that will show some heart and play through some discomfort as Lindelof did over the weekend and bring back that fear of coming to Old Trafford.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Our World of Football

The90thmin is new page that will be bringing our own articles to you about anything and everything soccer. As we grow, content will get better, social media will get better. Hang in there with us and help us build

Topics will range from matches we see at the youth level, to matches we see at the pro level, to transfers. We will also include things that are referee related, such as the Laws of the Game (the rules). And don't worry, we will not exclude the behavior of players in amateur youth to the amateur adult, nor will we forget to touch on the complete embarrassment that we see by spectators at these matches.

The main goal, if not noticeable already, is to be a complete world to the game, not just to the elite, although, let's be honest, most of the content will be directly related to the pros.

Liverpool's Hope

City dealt Liverpool a massive blow in the title race and ended their hopes of topping Arsenal's Invincibles. No one can question the qu...